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Elk Hunting with a Bow or arrowhead

While most modern hunters prefer to use a rifle, there are still many hunting enthusiasts that prefer to use a bow. There are several styles of hunting bows and it is important to know the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each style.

Compound Bow

Compound bows are the top option for any traditional bow hunter. Compound bows offer power and accuracy that will make your hunting trip both successful and enjoyable.

Compound bows use a system of pulleys and cables to create more force than most hunters can generate with a more traditional recurve bow, these had replaced arrowhead type of use a while back. When the arrow is fired, the cams create extra force as the arrow leaves the bow, allowing it to travel with higher velocity.

These bows have many advantages. Some have trigger releases that allow the archer to focus more on aim before firing than drawing the arrow back. The bows are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, and they can be used in almost any conditions. The bows can also use a sight, similar to a rifle, which allows for better accuracy.

The main disadvantages revolve around maintenance. As compound bows have more moving parts, it is important to keep them well maintained for hunter safety and accuracy. A dry fire (release without an arrow) can cause significant damage to the system, where most recurve bows would not have a noticeable effect. The bows are also more sensitive to the form of the archer. A recurve bow is forgiving to slight errors, whereas with a compound bow a slight error can result in a poorer performance.

Compound bows are the most popular style of hunting bow in the United States and can be used for elk hunting or other large game.

Recurve and Long Bows

When most people think of a bow, they think of a traditional recurve bow or long bow. It is a popular style of bow for target practice and can be used for hunting as well, please use the tips in this article wisely.

A modern recurve bow does not generate as much power as a compound bow, but it is easy to use and maintain and is the best style of bow for a new elk hunter. It is the most popular style of bow in both Europe and Asia.

Recurve bows are much easier to learn and are more instinctive than compound bows. Their disadvantages are that they are slightly less accurate, are often larger, and have less power and a shorter range.

Cross Bow

Cross bows are less traditional than the recurve bow, but some elk hunters enjoy their gun like firing and aiming systems.

Crossbows are a great option for older hunters whom have lost the strength needed for traditional bow hunting. The loading and firing mechanism is much lighter and easier than drawing a compound or recurve bow by hand.

Heavy crossbows provide stability and easy aiming while the trigger fire allows for a powerful and steady release.

It is important to note, however, that some regulations for cross bows are different than traditional bows. An example is elk hunting in Montana, where cross bows are only legal during certain seasons.

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When and how to stop a divorce

The Key for a Never-Ending Relationship: Knowing How to Stop a Divorce


No marital relationship is secured from the threat of divorce. Today, you and your spouse might be so in love to each other as if nothing can separate you apart. But then, you might just be surprised on how things will appear too difficult for both of you tomorrow to the point of not knowing how to communicate with each other without ending into an argument.


If you and your partner is one of those couples who lost the assurance of a love story with a happy ever after ending because of seemingly irreparable marriage problems, then you should act immediately if you don’t want your year-long relationship and shared love be easily devastated by a nasty divorce.  Aim to stop divorce and stay married with your partner.


How to Stop a Divorce

When your marriage is on the verge of collapse, your tendency is to panic especially if divorce seems to be the best solution. Normally, in you want to keep your marriage intact, your subconscious will push you to gather for advice on saving a marriage from friends, family, and other self-help books such as or similar. This action may be unhealthy though, especially if you find it hard to identify the right advice to follow. In the end, you might just do the thing which you are not supposed to do—worsening your situation. So, how will you save marriage from divorce? Where will you obtain help for troubled marriage?


The first thing you should do is to confront the marriage relationship problems. Identify what are those. Then, face this together with your partner as much as possible. Be open with each other feelings; openness is obviously one of the most important ingredients for a lasting and fulfilling marital relationship. Of course, both of you need to be calm and strong too. Do not allow the negative thoughts about your marriage inject in your mind because of the present problem you are dealing. Never think that your marriage is wrong. This thinking will just push the two of you on the verge of divorce. More importantly, seek to undergo into a marriage counseling—not from whoever is visible in your eyes but from the knowledgeable person. Go to the right source.  Remember, you will be using that advice into a very delicate matter, you can’t just allow anyone’s belief or perception place your marriage in a more perilous ground.


You have surely recognized that there are now a lot of instructional materials on the Internet that offer solutions on how to save marriage and how to stop a divorce. These are all overwhelming; unfortunately, some of them are true crap. Because of this, you should know how to sort the reliable materials from non-reliable materials.

One of the best materials you could rely on is the published E-book of Amy Waterman, Save My Marriage Today! Believe it or not, Waterman has saved thousands of marriage from falling into the pit of divorce. More than that, she was also able to fix their relationships—making it more passionate, fulfilling, and joyous. In your case right now, Waterman is the good source you can count on to. Be it for saving a marriage after infidelity or knowing how to stop divorce proceedings. Her carefully crafted outputs will teach you many vital instructions; mainly, on how to stop a divorce.

She also offers the six most common reasons for divorce and how to stop them from happening to you. Once you took up and finish this course, you will surely proclaim that “saving my marriage is one of best decisions I’ve pursued.” Thus, the expertise of Waterman can put an end to your anxiety and stress brought by not knowing what to do to save your disturbed marriage.


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